How to buy

Buying a piece of my furniture needn’t be intimidating or time consuming. Most of the furniture I make is made to commission, resulting in  a piece of furniture deigned to your exact requirements and made to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Whilst commissioning furniture is not the cheapest option, I strive  to offer value unmatched in production furniture. Combining timeless design, with the highest levels of craftsmanship, and the finest timbers, results in a piece of furniture that will age gracefully in your home for generations to come.

Each commission varies greatly. You may arrive with a firm design down on paper, some thoughts in your head, or perhaps some measurements for a space you wish to fill. It is my job to convert this into a design, and ultimately a piece of furniture. You may wish to immerse yourself fully throughout the process. Alternatively, through desire or time constraints, you may wish to ‘order’ a piece of furniture. Either way you will own a unique piece of furniture that fulfils your practical requirements. If I have done my job properly  this ownership should go beyond just paying a price tag. You will have a piece of furniture that reflects something of you that can be cherished in your daily life.